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Service Agreements

Convenient Maintenance Plans For You!

Subscription Options

Home maintenance can be tough to stay on top of, especially when it comes to more complex equipment like your furnace or air conditioner. When everything is running correctly it can be easy to forget about, but HVAC maintenance is important! If you do not keep your equipment clean and maintained, you will cause damage to the unit over time. 

Maintenance does not take much time or money. Changing your filter takes a matter of seconds, and will add years to the life of your unit. Not sure how to change a filter or how regularly you should be changing them? Read our beginner's guide blog post (click here)

About once each year, units should be professionally cleaned. These annual "checkups" help you understand the health of your unit, keeping you informed. By deep-cleaning the unit and checking all the main components, professionals can point out any potential concerns that should be brought to your attention. Even if the parts do not need replacing right away, you'll be better prepared for when they do. It lowers the cost of labor, too, because the tech will not have to spend much time diagnosing the issue.

Most manufacturers require annual tune-ups by a certified technician to keep any warranties active. Without these annual tune-ups, most manufacturers will void warranties, claiming that the customer failed to care for the unit properly. Greene's has started including a free 1-year service agreement with qualifying HVAC installs. Be sure to ask us about qualification details during your consultation!

Residential HVAC Service Agreements

Service Agreements are a 1-year, annually renewable agreement between Greene's and their customers. They have been designed to give our loyal and returning customers added benefits, while providing regular and convenient home maintenance. Signing up for this program will automatically add you to our servicing lists in the fall and spring so we can get you scheduled in a timely manner.

  • Annual A/C Clean and Check
  • Annual Heating Clean and Check
  • $200 off First HVAC Service Call
  • 10% off HVAC Materials
  • Labor Discounts on Projects
  • Priority Scheduling

$18/ month

$216 for the year


Tiffin Ohio Air Conditioning Repair | Cleaning an Outside Air Conditioning Condenser
Tiffin Ohio Furnace Maintenance Services Available

Residential Plumbing Service Agreement

Plumbing plans are only $18 per month, and cover the most important plumbing equipment in your home. Water heaters should be flushed annually to ensure a longer life span and peak efficiency- read our article on Water Heater maintenance to learn more. Toilets should be checked for leaks and proper operation to prevent high water bills. Sump pump and well systems often show signs of wear before going completely out. When these are found, it gives customers time to be proactive, either to save and be prepared financially, or to make repairs that prevent further damage.


These plans include:

  • Annual Water Heater Flush & Check

  • Annual Toilet Inspection

  • Annual Checks for Sump Pump, Battery Back-up System, & Alarm

  • Annual Checks for Well Pump & Pressure Tank

  • $200 off First Plumbing Service Call

  • Condition Analysis Report

Residential Electric Service Agreement

Electrical plans are $17 per month and cover the most important electrical components in your home. The most crucial is the breaker box, checking the circuits and wiring to ensure everything is working safely. We also check your outlets for correct operation. Electrical issues caught early can help prevent fires and melting wires. Our technicians also note any breakers that are going bad. When these are found, it gives customers time to be proactive, either to save and be prepared financially, or to make repairs that prevent further damage.


These plans include:

  • Annual Outlet Inspection

  • Annual Breaker Box Inspection

  • $200 off First Electrical Service Call

  • Condition Analysis Report

Residential Trio-Package

Trio-Package Service Agreements include the HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical plans.

It is $50 per month, or $600 for the year. 


This plan includes one additional $200 off of any service call throughout the year after the first one has been used in it's respective category.

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