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       For over two decades we have met so many wonderful people. Our company has given us the privilege to serve our community in more ways than fixing leaking pipes, updating electrical and installing new HVAC products. We care about your comfort, we also care about YOU.

       Many of our customers have trusted us for years and in that time they have become close friends. That is just one of the reasons we decided to base our business and our home here in Tiffin Ohio amongst friends. If you know anything about the greater Tiffin Ohio area than you know that we are a tight knit region that supports one another.

       In 1995 we started this journey. Along the way we have learned what a blessing it is to grow in a  family oriented county. From our local fair to all of the area clubs and organizations, Tiffin has so much to offer.  

       This blog started as  a way to share local interests, answer common electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling problems and to give our customers a view of Greene's Plumbing, Heating and Electrical beyond the tool boxes.

        We are so glad that you have found us and we cannot wait to serve you. Whether you have questions or you want to learn more about Greene's you have come to the right place!

        If you have a specific service need you can select from the options below and you will be redirected to that part of our site. You can also select the "Contact Us" button to call our message us with any immediate questions or to schedule service or a quote. Thank you for your interest in Greene's we look forward to serving you! 

 A Tiffin Ohio Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Cooling Company.

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