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Service Agreements (Maintenance)

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Greene's Plumbing Heating & Electrical is happy to announce the grand release of our new Service Agreement plan. These plans are designed to give you an affordable option for regular maintenance on the equipment in your home. Our most basic subscription is for HVAC, and includes an annual Clean and Check for your furnace or heating equipment, an annual Clean and Check for your air conditioner or cooling equipment, an annually waived $200 off your first HVAC service call, 10% off HVAC materials, labor discounts on HVAC projects taking longer than a day, and priority scheduling. This basic subscription is only $17/month or $204 for the year.

We also have upgrades available to include either Electrical or Plumbing. To include one of these is an additional $15/month (total = $32/month), and will include annual inspections of the equipment in your home and an additional $200 off. If you would like to include both upgrades, we have the Trio Package available. This will include everything under all three agreements, and another $200 off of a service call, giving you a total of four $200 off service calls. To learn more about what these entail and how to signup, please click the "Services Page" button and scroll to the bottom section.

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