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Our Scheduling Process

When you call our office during office hours a live person is there to greet you. Pam and Rebecca, the mother-daughter duo, will record your contact information and details about the service you're requesting.

Emergency Service Calls

Emergency Service calls - no water, flowing water, gas leaks, electrical fire hazards, no electricity, and no heat - are put at a high priority. These plumbing, electric, and heating calls are placed at the top of the servicing list for the day and Greene's will send a technician as soon as possible. 

When scheduling, Rebecca keeps one or two technicians available for quick service calls and emergencies to ensure a quick response. If you need a plumber or electrician NOW, our technicians are ready to help!

Non-Emergency Service Calls

Non-emergency service calls - plumbing repairs, electrical repairs, small leaks, faucet replacements, outlet replacements, air conditioner repairs, or furnace repairs - are added to the servicing list when possible, but may be scheduled out a few days depending on availability. Greene's always does their best to ensure quick responses to your repair requests. 

When scheduling, Rebecca keeps one or two technicians available for quick service calls and emergencies to ensure a quick response. Emergency calls take priority, and typically make up the afternoon schedule for repair technicians. If a simple repair is needed, calling in the morning or the afternoon before is good practice if you need some flexibility. Calling ahead several days is great when possible, especially when you have limited availability throughout the week.

Estimate or Consultation Appointment

Estimate Appointments are ideal for standard equipment change outs. Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, and Electric Service Upgrades are some of the more popular estimate appointments Greene's schedules. 

Estimates are not always quotes - estimates are given to help with budgeting purposes prior to the start of a project. They can be given in exact amounts sometimes, but will usually be given in a range or a high-ball amount to help you with planning your project.

Quotes are exact amounts given in the form of a proposal prior to the start of the job. This proposal will be turned into an invoice once signed and the payment terms are almost always a 50% down payment and 50% paid upon completion. Any other payment terms would have to be agreed upon prior to the proposal being signed.

Inspection and Maintenance Appointments

Inspections and maintenance appointments are typically scheduled in routes, and any requests for these services should be made at least one week in advance. Backflow prevention tests, HVAC clean and checks, water heater flushing, gas line inspections, and electrical inspections are all part of Greene's service agreement program and are regularly performed at certain times of the year.


If you are interested in getting regular maintenance on your plumbing, HVAC, or electrical equipment, you can request more information by calling our office or sending us a message here.

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