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For Homes and Businesses

  • Toilet repair and installations

  • Tubs and showers

  • Sinks

  • Water piping and sewer/drain pipes

  • Inspection, maintenance and repair of plumbing pipes and or/ fixtures.

  • Water heaters

  • Garbage disposals

  • Sump pumps and back up sump pumps

  • Residential, Commerical and Industrial.




  • We have had extensive training and experience with installing many forms of geothermal systems including closed loop systems (horizontal, vertical, and pond loops) and open loop systems​ (aka "pump and dump"). We install Bard geothermal equipment, as we have found they provide the most reliable geothermal products.

  • We service all makes and models.

Going "Green" saves you a lot of green!


It's electrifyin'!

  • Repair/Service

  • Installations

  • Service Entrances

  • Electrical updates

  • Residential, Commerical and Industrial

Brands we repair

Tiffin Ohio HVAC, Tiffin Ohio Plumber, F
Tiffin Ohio HVAC, Tiffin Ohio Plumber, F
Tiffin Ohio HVAC, Tiffin Ohio Plumber, F
Tiffin Ohio HVAC, Tiffin Ohio Plumber, F

and MANY more!