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Family Focused

People spend 1/3 of their week, sometimes more, at work to support themselves and their families. We know that if money didn't exist, most would prefer spending that time with their loved ones. When we say we're a family-centered company, that means our goal is for you to live life to it's fullest with the people you care about most. We offer competitive wages because it helps you provide for your family. We offer PTO and retirement benefits for the same reason, doing our best to ensure kids grow up with present parents. "Children are a blessing from the Lord" (Psalm 127:3).

True to Our Values

You can find our company values here. When we employ individuals, we expect them to represent our company with these priorities in mind. Our interactions with customers, supply houses, and each other should convey compassion, quality, professionalism, honesty, and joy. We encourage every applicant to review each value and it's description before turning in an application. To further emphasize this point, your technical skills and knowledge are useless to us if you fail to care for others in a joyful, professional and honest way. We can train technical skills, but we cannot train you into a good attitude. Compassion drives us to do what we do for our community, and it is the heart of our mission as a company.

Joy Makes Us Unique

At our shop, you'll find smiling faces, laughter, and a team of professionals who lift one another up. This is a unique find in our industry, and we are very proud of the culture we have here. Our hiring process is designed to protect the authenticity of our compassionate and joyful culture by finding those with exceptional character and a good attitude. You can expect management to approach situations with grace and transparency. Our desire is to provide young apprentices with every opportunity to learn and grow in their careers with Greene's, and so questions are always welcome, and mistakes are always treated as an opportunity to improve. We enjoy having fun, and we are thrilled to have a team that meshes exceptionally well.

Career Building Opportunities

The trades industry offers some very unique and engaging career paths. Bright, young individuals can find some excellent opportunities for education, wages, benefits, and success without student loans, debt, or sitting behind a desk. In addition to serving an apprenticeship, Greene's provides opportunities for apprentices to acquire state and nationally recognized certifications in HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical (the most common is in refrigerant handling). Our team has competed in apprenticeship contests at the national level through the Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors (PHCC) Association, and provides education through the state PHCC Education Foundation and the Mike Holt Electrician Apprenticeship Program. You can receive additional titles with Greene's by taking on managerial roles like the lead safety officer, inventory officer, or instructing technician (training an apprentice in-field). If you're looking for a friendly and professional company that cares about quality and education, Greene's is the place for you!

Greene's HVAC Team in Tiffin Ohio Positions Available
Greene's Plumbing Team in Tiffin Ohio Positions Available
Greene's Electrical Team in Tiffin Ohio Positions Available
Plumbing Apprenticeships Available in Tiffin Ohio

Interested in joining our team? Review our job descriptions and submit your resume (as a pdf) below!

Please review our Values! Anyone unwilling to act according to these will not fit with our team chemistry. We have a "character-first" hiring process, meaning no amount of experience will outweigh a poor attitude or questionable character. 

Join Our Team and Love Where You Work!

Positions We Offer

Field Apprentice

HVAC | Plumbing | Electrical

Apprentices must have a friendly and can-do attitude. No prior experience is required, though we do ask that some general mechanical ability be proven either through hobbies or prior work experience. Apprentices will focus on one of the three service areas (HVAC, plumbing, or electrical) and be enrolled in an apprenticeship program. In-field experience and training will be paired with in-house hands-on learning sessions on practice equipment in our shop. Apprentices will be promoted to Journeyman once their apprenticeship program is complete and their quality of work meets Greene's standards.

When To Apply: Any time! We are always looking for new apprentices, though we may be selective on the the areas of focus. 

Field Journeyman

HVAC | Plumbing | Electrical

Journeyman must have at least 5 years of directly applicable experience in the field. They may choose one, two, or all three areas of focus depending on their prior experience. Our company maintains a high standard of quality, and we ask that anyone trained under an outside organization be understanding of this. We will train you on codes and our expectations. Thus, applicants must have a willingness to learn. Because we prefer homegrown technicians, anyone hired in as a journeyman typically has exceptional character and has a clear passion for the work we do. 

When To Apply: When there's an opening! You can send a resume anytime, but it's best to call our office and inquire about journeyman openings first. Openings will also be announced on our Facebook page.

Lead Field Technician

This is typically received through an internal promotion. Lead Field Techs are those who have mastered all three trades and are capable of training apprentices thoroughly. They understand our values and expectations, and run jobs according to these standards. Training is still available to Lead Techs as a means of continuing education, but we trust these individuals to be a resource for apprentices and young journeyman. Lead technicians demonstrate a genuine passion for the work and hold themselves and others to a high standard of quality. 

Greene's Plumbing, Heating & Electrical Service Company in Tiffin Ohio


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