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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Electric Service?

Electric Service Upgrades Are Worth The Investment

With the ever-changing technology we have access to, electricity is becoming more and more of a necessity. As the demand for electricity increases, it's important to consider your home's electric service and how much electricity it can deliver at once. Typically, electric service upgrades are from 110 Volt to 220 Volt and include the replacement of everything between the electric meter and the electric panel. .

Electric Service Upgrade Components and Purpose

This Nova Scotia Power diagram is an excellent visual of how electric is delivered to the home. The service wire is connected to the home at the weatherhead. This is at the top of the mast which connects the wire to the meter.
Basic Electric Service Diagram

A standard upgrade includes the replacement of the mast, meter socket, service entrance cable, main panel, and weather head. These components are necessary for supplying your home with electricity from the electric company's power grid.

The service wire (not the service cable) is connected to the home through the weatherhead. The mast carries the electricity down to the meter. Your meter is what the electric company uses to monitor the electricity entering your home. As described in this diagram, the service wire and meter are owned by the electric company (your electric provider). As an electrical service company, Greene's will only ever replace the equipment owned by the customer. The service entrance cable is connected to the meter using the meter socket. This cable is what directs the power to your main panel, also called a breaker box.

An electric upgrade will increase the amount of power you can use in your home at one time. Electric components will need to be upgraded to be able to safely deliver an increased amount of power. The electric company will need to shut off the power going to the home while the service company is installing the new system.

Why Electric Service Upgrades Are Worth The Investment

Electric Service Upgrades increase the value of your home. Should you ever decide to sell, a home with a modernized electric service is considered safer, more reliable, and more convenient. Without an updated electric service, your home is worth significantly less to potential buyers. Upgrades also allow you as the homeowner to enjoy reliable electricity. Your chances of popping breakers and wearing out the wiring in your home is greatly decreased with an upgrade because the equipment doesn't have to work as hard. You'll have better protection for the appliances in your home, too! According to updated electrical codes, breakers need to be GFCI's and provide protection from electrical surges.

Expected Costs

As with anything we give price ranges for, these can vary depending on location, company, and difficulty of the job you have. Some sources we found suggest an electric service upgrade could cost as little as $3000 (we believe this is just for the panel) or as much as $20,000 (which we believe is based on multiple services being upgraded at once on the same home). Around Tiffin, Ohio, Electric Service Upgrades seem to run anywhere between $4,000 and $5,500. We recommend hiring a reputable licensed company for this one, since electric can leave homeowners more vulnerable than other areas of the home. You can learn more about how licensed contractors protect and benefit you as the end consumer here.

Things To Know Ahead of Time

If you want to upgrade your electric service, you will need to contact a contractor and get an idea of when they can fit the job in their schedule. You will also have to contact your electric provider to let them know you need the power to your home shut off while the work is being done. Contacting your contractor first gives them a heads up and gives them a chance to walk you through the process of getting on the electric provider's schedule.

You can find more information about Electric Service Upgrades at these websites:

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