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Residential Home
Electrical Service 
in Tiffin Ohio!

Safe and Licensed Service Backed by Over 30 Years of Experience!

Tiffin Ohio Electrical Service Upgrade

Our Electricians Are Ready to Help You!

Tiffin Ohio Electrician Service Company!

Greene's focusses on residential electrical work, though we are licensed and capable of completing commercial electrical work as well. The services we provide in this area always look different because no house is the same. We make sure that everything is done to code, and ensure it is safe for you and your family. Electric Service Upgrades are a popular request, and something we are very familiar with. If you need power ran from your home to a shop, garage, barn, or other separate building, we can do that, too. 


We are state licensed and insured (OH-LIC#24118) as an electrical contractor. Having a licensed electrician is important! Electricity can be extremely dangerous, causing fires or electrocution. Make sure that whoever you hire keeps safety at the top of their priority list.

At Greene's we care about you. Electrical issues can take away from the life you want to live. We are here to ease that burden. Having served the greater Tiffin Ohio region for over 20 years, our company regularly provides services to communities such as Findlay, Fostoria, Fremont, Sycamore, Bascom, New Riegel, Carey, and many more!

Wiring and electrical services in Tiffin Ohio
Outlet installation and repair in Tiffin Ohio

Emergency Electrical Service in Tiffin Ohio

Quality Service Means A Quick Response To Your Call!

We take the quality of our services very seriously. It's why we have a service technician available for those unexpected emergencies. Loss of Power, Melting Wires, Sparking, Arcing, or Damaged Electrical Components - you name it! We are prepared to handle the unexpected so you don't have to worry. If you need an electrician now, call Greene's!

Tiffin's Best Residential Electrician!

Why Hire Licensed?

Licensed contractors have to have 5 years of experience and must pass a test to prove competency in their trade. When you hire licensed, you know your contractor is capable of providing safe and effective work.


Licensed contractors need to have insurance. You will not be held liable for any injuries, damage, or unsafe work done on your property like you could be if you hire someone unlicensed.

Inspected work must be done by a licensed contractor. If you need to pull a permit, or even just get a basic inspection done, your contractor must have a license. 

Dining Room and Kitchen Interior

When to Call An Electrician:

Because of the dangers that come with handling electricity, we do not encourage anyone to do their own electrical unless they have the experience, knowledge, and tools required to do it safely. 

If you have any questions about the nature and risk of your electrical issue, we would be happy to answer them over the phone. 

You should always ALWAYS call an electrician when changing out major electrical components like the main panel, electric service cable, or outdated wiring

Upgrade Your Electric Service

Tiffin Ohio Electrical Service Upgrades and Repairs

Electric service upgrades are a common request, especially when someone purchases a home with a 110 amp service instead of the more standard 220 amp. If you need an electric service upgraded or replaced, we have the process down to a science and have a set price for standard change-outs so there's no wait for your quote! 

Electrical Service Upgrade in Tiffin Ohio

Why Should I Upgrade?

Thinking about upgrading your home's electric service? It's a smart move for homeowners who want their electric to be safer, handle more gadgets, and work better. As technology increases and produces more devices, an old electrical system might struggle to keep up. Upgrading your electric service helps this issue, making things safer by using new circuit breakers and up-to-date wiring. Service upgrades also allow for more outlets and lights, making life at home more convenient.


Electric Upgrades are a good investment – not just for your peace of mind but also for your home's value if you ever decide to sell. So, consider upgrading to keep up with the times and make your home life smoother and safer.

Tiffin Ohio Electrician

Wiring & Updating Services in Tiffin Ohio

Browse The Variety of Wiring Services We Offer!

If Your Wires Look Antique It's Time To Update!

"Outdated" Wiring:​

  • Knob and Tube

  • Cloth Wires

  • Fuses

  • 100 years old

Greene's is your go-to company for updating the wiring in your home. There are many old houses in the Tiffin area that need their wiring brought up to code so that it's safe. We've replaced wiring in attics, crawl spaces, walls, floors, and ceilings for new home owners who find out their electric is original to their 100 year old house! Ancient artifacts are cool in a museum, but not as a functional part of your home! Antique wiring is known to fail and result in major issues. Knob and tube is really common in our area, and we've replaced these systems with modern wiring as well. With our experience and licensing, you can't go wrong with Greene's!

Electrical Fixture Services

Hook Up Anything to A New or Existing Circuit

Outlets & Switches


  • 2-prong to 3-prong outlets

  • GFI / GFCI outlets

  • Light switches

  • Garbage disposal switch and outlet

Greene's is a licensed electrician in the Tiffin, Ohio area that focusses on residential services. When you need a simple outlet or light switch repaired, replaced, or installed, our technicians are there to make sure it is done neatly and safely. Adding a light switch to a light's circuit or replacing outlets with smart outlets are just some of the services we provide when it comes to these electrical wall fixtures.


Have a questions about the Switch and outlet services we offer? Send us a message here.

Tiffin Ohio Electrician

Breaker Panels & Fuse Boxes

Tiffin's Best Residential Breaker Panel Service Company

Popping Breakers

Breakers can pop repeatedly for a few reasons. The most common is a bad or wore out breaker, but it can also be due to an over-loaded circuit. Replacing a breaker that is wore out will solve the issue, but replacing a breaker on an over-loaded circuit will just lead to another dead breaker. In these cases, splitting the circuit across two breakers, or upgrading the panel could be good solutions. Call an electrician to see what the best solution is for you!

Tiffin Ohio Breaker Box Services
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