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Tiffin Ohio Drain Cleaning Services 

Drain Cleaning Services
For Tiffin Ohio

Fast and Affordable Drain Service

Greene's covers a broad spectrum of drain cleaning services. We are state licensed and insured (OH-LIC#24118) as a plumbing contractor. Our company is also certified to complete backflow prevention tests, inspections and repairs.

At Greene's we care about you. Clogged drains can take away from the life you want to live. We are here to ease that burden. Having served the greater Tiffin Ohio region for over 20 years, our company regularly provides services to communities such as Findlay, Fostoria, Fremont, Sycamore, Bascom, New Riegel, Carey, and many more!


Drain Cleaning Services

Quality Service Means A Quick Response To Your Call!

We take the quality of our services very seriously. It's why we have a service technician available for those unexpected emergencies. Stopped, damaged, clogged, plugged - you name it! Drain lines are no match for our excellent crew. We are prepared to handle the unexpected so you don't have to worry. If you need a plumber now, call Greene's!

Tiffin Ohio Drain Cleaning | Andrew using the camera and locator to determine where the pipe is clogged before snaking out the drain

Tiffin Ohio Drain Camera And Locator

Insurance Companies Like Pictures & Documentation

Greene's has delt with many Home Insurance Companies over the years, so we understand how difficult they can be. Insurance companies LOVE pictures- or at least, they don't deny claims when there's visible proof of an issue. If you have a major issue that's hard to see, like a broken underground tile, we have a camera that can be fed down through the pipe to get images of the issue before any major work needs done. If you need images of plumbing that's tough to get to, call Greene's!

Tiffin Ohio Drain Cleaning | The camera and locator were able to find a leak in the main drain line, which was caused by a nail.

A nail going through the main drain line causing a leak. With the locator, we determined it came from road construction happening near the customer's home.

You can read more about our Drain Camera and Locator here: 

The Power of Drian Cameras and Locators

What's A "Locator"?

Our locator can be sent through pipes and drains with the camera to tell us exactly where the issue is located. We are the only Tiffin, Ohio plumber to offer this service. This is helpful if there is a break in an underground line, because it prevents unnecessary digging, saving you time and money!

If you think you may have a plumbing problem, but you aren't sure where the problem is, we can use the locator to figure out its exact location. If you need these services, or have any questions, give us a call!

Drain Tiles Can Be SO DRAMATIC!!

Tiffin Drain Tile Inspections

Drain tiles are known for working great until they aren't, and when they stop working correctly, they can turn into a bit of a project. Because drain tiles are underground, homeowners do not see the signs it may need need repaired soon and get caught off guard when it breaks. The best way to avoid this stressful situation is to have regular inspections of your drain tile, checking for any leaks, cracks, corrosion or other signs of damage. 

This can help you prevent tile catastrophes and prepare for future repairs. Staying on top of your home's maintenance needs can help you save a lot of money and stress. For more ways to make home maintenance easy, go to our Service Agreements page by clicking here.

Tiffin Ohio Plumber | Water line repair

Cracked, Clogged, Crushed or Corroded Drain Tile Services

We have the drain cleaning equipment needed for unclogging drain tiles. Unfortunately, the technology isn't out for "un-crushing" them, but we can repair or replace drain tiles to get your home's plumbing working properly.

Cracked tiles are common, and can usually be repaired. If the crack is severe enough, a small portion of the tile would need to be replaced. 

Tiles can be clogged by any number of things, but the most common is tree roots. Any object preventing the free flow of waste through pipes can cause problems and should be removed as soon as possible to prevent additional damage.

Older tiles may cave in if cracks or weak spots have gone unnoticed or unaddressed. Because a partial replacement would leave portions of the tile vulnerable (thus resulting in more crushed tile later)it is best to replace the entire tile all at once.

Kitchen Drain Services

Kitchen Sink Drains

Tiffin Ohio Plumber | Kitchen Drain Cleaning
  • Kitchen sink draining slow

  • Kitchen sink drain plugged

  • Grease Clogs

Garbage Disposals

  • Garbage Disposal

  • Grease Clog

  • Food Clog

Dishwasher Drains

  • Dishwasher Not Draining

Bathroom Drain Services

Bathroom Sink Drains

  • Bathroom Sink Draining Slow

  • Bathroom Sink Drain Plugged

Tiffin Ohio Plumber, Bathroom Drain Cleaning

Toilet Drains

  • Toilet Backing Up

  • Toilet Clogged

Bathtub & Shower Drains

  • Tub or Shower Not Draining

  • Tub or Shower Draining Slow

Main Drain Line Services in Tiffin Ohio

Get Your Main Drain Line Cleaned Out in No Time!

Got a drain line you need cleaned out? Or have a scene like the ones in the images to the right? We've got you covered! Get all the sludge that's built up over the years out of your plumbing so it can get back to flushing your waste correctly.

Tiffin Ohio Drain Cleaning, sewer backing up
Tiffin Ohio Drain Cleaning, sewer line clean out

Backflow Services in Tiffin Ohio

Tiffin Ohio Plumber, Backflow Testing and Repair

Backflow Testing, Repair, & Installation Services Near You!

Greene's is licensed to provide commercial and residential backflow testing in the state of Ohio. Due to the different nature of registration in different areas, backflow service areas may fluctuate. Please call our office to confirm we are registered with your city and/or county.

Greene's is certified to perform backflow preventer testing as required by the state for commercial properties. This certification allows us to test, repair, and service backflow preventers for both commercial and residential properties. For backflow preventer inspections, we must meet the registration requirements for your area.

Most places do not require anything other than the license.

What is a Backflow Preventer?

A backflow preventer is used to prevent any water that enters a plumbing system from flowing back out through the entrance point. It has a valve that only opens one way, keeping the flow of any liquid moving from the supply line to the main sewer line. It protects public water systems from being contaminated, since any water that enters a commercial property cannot flow back out into the clean water supply for the city.


Without backflow preventers, bacteria, stray minerals from build up, sediments, or a variety of other potentially harmful particles can make their way into other homes and cause health issues. E-coli is a prominent example of why backflow preventers are important for public safety. If it's found in a public water system, it has typically come from a place without a backflow preventer.

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