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HVAC Products

We primarily deal in Bosch, Trane and Ducane (a Lennox brand) HVAC equipment. Our customers love the quality they receive from these brands, and appreciate the energy savings from the high-efficiency lines. Our budget-friendly line is known for being dependable, offering customers a more affordable option that holds up well. Our goal is to help you find the best solution for your needs and your budget.


Plumbing products have come a long way over the past 20 years. With advancing technology, we do our best to partner with brands that value quality and innovation, but also acknowledge that functionality is key. Accessories and features are fun and convenient, but sometimes customers just want simple - and we agree. So we offer a variety of brands to meet all of our customers' needs, wants, and interests. 

Trusted Brands

Learn about the manufacturers we trust!

Tiffin Ohio Trane Dealer

Certified Dealer

Tiffin Ohio Ducane Dealer

Certified Dealer

Tiffin Ohio Concord Dealer

Certified Dealer

Tiffin Ohio Mitsubishi Electric Mini Split Heat Pump Dealer

Certified Dealer

Tiffin Ohio Bradford White Dealer

Certified Dealer

Tiffin Ohio Lynx Heat Pump Dealer

Heat Pumps

Tiffin Ohio MOEN Faucet Dealer


Tiffin Ohio Bosch Heat Pump Dealer

Heat Pumps

Tiffin Ohio Gould's Well Pump and Pressure Tank Dealer

Well Pumps

Tiffin Ohio April Aire Thermostat Dealer


Tiffin Ohio Sterling Water Softener Dealer

Water Softeners

Tiffin Ohio Flextrol Expansion Tank Dealer

Expansion Tank

Tiffin Ohio Liberty Sump Pump Dealer

Sump Pumps

Tiffin Ohio Delta Faucet Dealer


Tiffin Ohio Zoeller Well Pump Dealer

Sump Pumps

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