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Tiffin Ohio HVAC maintenance

Your home needs maintenance. Just like your car needs oil changes and new tires. Your heating and cooling system needs cleaned and serviced every single year. It is easy to forget and take for granted the system that heats and cools your home. Unfortunately, forgetting to schedule yearly servicing comes with consequences.

Every year we are faced with HVAC systems that could have have avoided costly repairs with proper servicing and maintenance. The result of dirty filters, clogged systems and general neglect is steep and we want our customers to avoid unnecessary bills.

This is a system that we serviced in Tiffin Ohio.

This dirty unit would have increased utility bills, resulted in poor air quality and circulation as well as mediocre performance at cooling the customer's home.

This is what the unit looked like after being serviced and cleaned.

This service is absolutely vital to the life of your unit. If you want your HVAC system to last it all starts with regular, preventative maintenance.

If you are unsure of when your unit was last serviced or if you know that your HVAC system needs maintenance, do not hesitate to call Greene's!


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