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Tiffin Ohio Heating and Cooling Repair

Our Tiffin Ohio has a rich history. In 1812 the area was relatively unsettled. A military depot named "Fort Ball" brought a man named Erastus Bowe to the area who later returned to the build a tavern named "Pan Yan Tavern." Around the tavern a settlement named "Oakley" developed. After 1824 Oakley was renamed "Fort Ball."

1821, Josiah Hedges formed a settlement across the river from "Oakley" and the two settlements remained rivals until the mid 1800's.

Hedges named Tiffin after "Edward Tiffin," The first governor of Ohio who would later become a US senator. By 1835 Tiffin would become incorporated and by 1850 Fort Ball and Tiffin would combine keeping the name "Tiffin."

Tiffin became a hopping manufacturing hub with industries such as The American Standard Company that operated from 1899-2007. Webster Industries (since 1906), The National Machinery Company, Tiffin Glass Works (1889-1980) The Hanson Clutch and Machinery Company (Now Tiffin Parts) Their building on Miami street is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Tiffin is also the home to not one, but TWO distinguished colleges. Tiffin University and Heidelberg University. In the fall our community is bustling with activity and filled with school spirit. All of this while still capturing that "home town" feel.

We absolutely love serving this community. Tiffin is both culturally rich as well as laid back and inviting. From our amazing Ritz Theater to our golf courses ( Seneca Hills, Clinton Heights, Mohawk Golf and Country Club,) not to mention our beautiful parks. Tiffin is a wonderful place to raise your family or just come to visit.

Tiffin Ohio Air Conditioning Repair

In the summer months our region gets hot. When your thermostat keeps creeping up and your unit can't keep up with the heat we are here for you. We know that our customers want value and that is why they are calling us. At Greene's your comfort is our priority. Whether your AC unit is leaking, not functioning or your thermostat is broken we are just one call away.

Tiffin Ohio Air Conditioning Installation

Remodeling your home and ready to upgrade your HVAC? Do you have an old unit that needs replaced? Want to know what options are available for your home or business? Greene's is on the job! Our technicians are highly trained and educated in the latest technology to update your HVAC system. Our company is a proud Trane dealer. We offer the absolute best in service and products available. When you choose us you are choosing the best value for your dollar!

Ready to take the plunge with Greene's? Have questions about our services and products?

Contact us HERE. Learn more about our AC services HERE

You can also call us directly at 419-443-8630.

Have a wonderful day!

Your Favorite,

Tiffin Ohio Plumber

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