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Tiffin Ohio Air Conditioning Repair

Right now we are having such a beautiful late spring in Tiffin Ohio. The low 70's with perfect humidity, the birds are singing, the sun is shining it is truly a stunning day. That is why late spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year, only to be outdone be the crisp evenings of fall. That being said, we know what is coming. Summer in Ohio can be sticky, uncomfortable and overwhelmingly hot. Whether you are prepared or not, it is time to get your AC unit ready for summer.

We say it every year "It is vital to have your unit cleaned and serviced before you turn it on."

Have you ever wondered why cleaning your AC unit by a pro is so important? We figured that you might, which is why we wanted to share some reasons that seasonal maintenance is an absolute necessity.

  1. Over the winter your unit may have been damaged. About 7 months out of the year your AC unit is not being used. In that time there could be debris collecting inside your unit or maybe your fan belt is worn out. These are just two of many items covered by our spring inspections and cleanings.

  2. Your indoor and outdoor coils are going to need cleaning. For your unit to run efficiently, it is imperative to remove dust, dirt, grass clippings or other debris before cranking up that AC.

  3. Is your Freon leaking? Most consumers have no way of being sure, that is where the experts at Greene's come in!

Right now Greene's is running our annual Spring Cleaning Special. Taking care of your comfort is our top priority and proper air conditioning maintenance is an absolute necessity. Ready to take the plunge and go Greene?! Call us today to schedule your spring cleaning!

Thinking about updating your AC unit? We can help! As a certified Trane dealer our company has access to the best AC units available. We strive to give our customers the highest value for their money, which is why we choose Trane!

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