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Let's Discuss Well Maintenance.

We have a lot of customers that use well water. Did you know that your well needs maintenance? It is recommended that once a year your well be tested and cleaned.

What are the tests for?

When testing your well you can look for a wide range of issues, but mostly you will be testing to make sure that your well is safe to use.

Whether your well is used to supply water to your home, livestock or even a garden it is critical to make sure that your well is not contaminated with e-coli, viruses or bacteria that while unseen to the naked eye can cause illnesses like cancer, neurological problems, infertility and gastrointestinal illnesses.

Tests will look for contaminates such as arsenic, selenium, and uranium. As well as excessive amounts of Fluoride, Coliform Bacteria, Sulfate, Nitrons and Ions.

Shallow wells or surface water will need to be tested and cleaned seasonally. Some wells can be negatively effected after flooding and may need to be tested after area floods to make sure they are still potable. It is imperative that tests be done on the well and at the tap. While water can sometimes be contaminated at the source it can also be effected during transportation through the pipes from your well or in your home.

Well maintenance is part of home ownership and important for the heath of your family and yourself! Here are some things that you may notice if your well needs cleaned.

-Toilet and bathtub staining.

Rust colored staining is usually an indication that your well is need of cleaning and repair. Continuing to bathe in and drink from this well could be hazardous to your health.

-Foul Smelling or Tasting water

If your water has a bad odor or taste it may be more than just sulfur. Have your well tested.

Cleaning your well can also help with the sulfur smell and improve the taste.

-We are Here to Help!

Your well needs cleaned, but you are unsure where to start. We are here to help!

Our technicians are trained to clean and service your well. At Greene's we care about your safety. Like so many areas of home maintenance keeping your well clean and functioning is one of the top priorities in home ownership.

Want to learn more about Greene's?! Check out our new YouTube channel HERE!

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