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It is Spring in Tiffin Ohio!

It feels like winter may be finally over here in Tiffin Ohio and while us locals know that snow may still be in the forecast, it won't be for long. As we prepare for spring it is time to chat about early North West Ohio weather. How might this effect you? Rain. Our region formally known as The Black Swamp can expect a lot of that icky weather in the coming weeks. While we cross our fingers and toes in hopes of a mild and warm spring, more than likely our front yards and creeks will have many days of flooding until the end of April to mid May. What can you do to help prevent damage to your home or business?

Consider installing a sump pump. How can a sump pump help? A sump pump is installed either in the lower level of your home or outside of your home. It helps keeps water away from your foundation. This is a great solution to help prevent water seeping in to the lower level of your home or basement. Want to learn more about sump pumps? Check out this video! HERE

Ready to invest in a sump pump? We are here to help! Greene's Plumbing,Heating and Electrical can help you choose the right pump for your home. Whether you have an existing system that just needs cleaned/updated or if you need a new install we are here to answer your questions and get the job done. This Liberty Sump Pump is available at Home Depot

Myers sump pumps are another brand that Greene's uses. Have questions about sump pumps? We are here to help! Call us today at 419-443-8630 and let us get the job done!

Just another friendly update from your favorite,

Tiffin Ohio Plumber

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