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Electrician in Fremont Ohio.

Originally a trading post in the 1750's the area would go from being a French trading post to an area controlled by the British after the French and Indian War. By the early 1800s the region was considered Indian territory.

During the war of 1812 the U.S. Army built "Fort Sandusky" near the river to protect the local supply depot. After the war ended a settlement surrounding the fort came to be known as "Lower Sandusky." As the town continued to grow the area prospered.

Fremont becomes Fremont.

In 1849 "Lower Sandusky" became "Fremont." Named after John C. Fremont. Who helped acquire the state of California during the Mexican-American War.

Rutherford B. Hayes moved his family to Fremont in 1873. His family mansion named "Spiegel Grove" was built by his maternal uncle. In 1916 The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center was founded as the first presidential library in the United States.

Fremont Ohio is a tight knit community with city parks, a large library, the Strand Theater, The Sandusky County Historical Society and much more.

Electrician In Fremont Ohio

Fremont is one of the many communities that we love to serve. Today’s Fremont Ohio residents look to the experts at Greene's Plumbing, Heating and Electrical for a whole host of modern amenities. These include everything from Geothermal to energy-efficient lighting and updated electrical for local businesses, industrial buildings, restaurants and homes.

The comprehensive service available from Greene's is ideal for those who live and work in the Fremont Ohio, Tiffin Ohio and surrounding areas. They can rest assured that with this tried-and-true electrical service provider, their families and customers’ electrical needs will be in very capable hands.

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