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Air Conditioning Repair In Fostoria Ohio.

If you are looking for air conditioning repair, Greene's is here for you! One of the many communities that we love to serve is Fostoria Ohio.

Fostoria's History

Fostoria was created in 1854 when two communities combine. (Rome and Risdon) Fostoria was named after Charles W. Foster who donated land that was utilized during the merger. Mr Foster's son would later become the governor of the great state of Ohio.

Fostoria and Trains

Fostoria is most widely known for their trains. Over 100 trains pass through Fostoria every single day! Due to this a railroad viewing park was build in 2013.

Fostoria was once filled with glass factories! Because of the presence of natural gas in our region the glass factories thrived. In time all of the factories would close including The Fostoria Glass Company.

Air Conditioning Repairman in Fostoria Ohio.

We love to serve the Fostoria community. Whether your thermostat is broken or you have a leaking pipe, Greene's is here for you! Ready to take the plunge? Give us a call at 419-443-8630

OR contact us HERE.

Have a wonderful day!

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