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Pinterest Plumbing Failures

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Another update from your favorite Tiffin Ohio Plumber!

We love to help our customers problem solve and find ways to help keep their plumbing running efficiently. Recently, we saw some YouTube videos and articles on Pinterest we thought we would caution you about.

1. Pouring cups of salt down your drains can hurt your plumbing. Just like many drain cleaning products, large amounts of salt can harm your plumbing lines and result in thousands of dollars worth of damages. Don't DO IT!

2. Don't pour bleach down your drains. We know, we have heard it too. "Bleach can help clean drains!" Bleach is very corrosive and unfortunately, once it goes down your drains it can potentially damage them as well as sewer lines, it also isn't good for the environment. There are safer alternatives that are much more effective and we are going to list some of these alternatives at the end of this blog.

What are tips for keeping your home or businesses plumbing running efficiently? General upkeep is key, but also making sure to only use your plumbing as it was intended.

One of the best ways to keep plumbing running efficiently is not to put anything in your drains that shouldn't be there. Never put feminine hygiene products down your drains or attempt to flush them down your toilets. Sewer lines were not intended to handle these products and they will clog your sewer lines as well as any septic system.

Do you have a lot of hair going down the drains in your bath and shower? Consider getting a bathtub strainer and catching the hair before it goes down the drain. These little gadgets are inexpensive and work well to keep that hair from clogging those drains!

Do not ever pour any type of cooking oil or grease down your sinks, showers, bathtubs or toilets. Even if you run hot water after doing so the grease or oil usually cools and hardens within a few feet of your sink and will ensure a plumbing expert will be needed to clean your drains after the line continues to collect dirt and sediment over time.

Just because it can go through the garbage disposal, doesn't mean that it should. Some products shouldn't be put into the garbage disposal because they do not break down very well and can potentially clog your plumbing lines. Some of these products are:




-coffee grounds


-celery and other stringy vegetables

So what CAN you use to clean your drains?

Vinegar. Vinegar is a great alternative to bleach and salt. While cleaning away sediment it won't damage your plumbing and it is also environmentally friendly. Sometimes it can take several applications to work, but baking soda and vinegar are the best alternatives to drain cleaning products and the Pinterest fails we mentioned earlier.

Thank you for reading "Tips from the Experts!" and check back with us soon!

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